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Puppies are a life long commitment, so make sure you’re prepared to give your new companion a loving, interactive home for the next 12-15 years…
We give you the puppy, you have to work with him to make him the dog his parents are.
For further information contact us at 613-378-1730 or or joann@samadamlabs.comBrutus is still acting like a puppy! He has sired some beautiful boys and girls. He is so patient with new puppies that they tend to lord it over him and I’ve had to rescue him many times.  Their sharp little puppy teeth can really sting.

We will be breeding for chocolates sometime after April/May 2020. They are a really dark chocolate colour and Mom’s coat is amazing – correct double thick coat with very nice top coat and she’s got beautiful dark eyes.

They are $1900 tax incl.613-378-1730 or email at or



We are hoping to have a late December first time litter from her (Panda) around possibly February/March 2021.
Panda and her brother love the swimming pool.

Our young girl Morticia (little black girl)will be our tri-colour litter Mom in a couple years.   


Mortitia watching leaves


Mortitia a couple weeks ago. She’s 9 months old now…wow, time flys. Very smart girl. I’m working her on the trick training. First time for me.


The purchase price is the least expensive part of having a dog.  Like kids, there can be all manner of minor boo-boos all the way to fatal diseases and crippling health problems.  When you buy a puppy even from the most respected breeders, you are taking on the risks that come with all living beings.  Responsible breeders have taken advantage of what modern diagnostics tools are readily available ~ x-ray certification of the hips and elbows, Ophthalmologist testing, DNA testing, studying of pedigrees, etc.  In spite of all this there will always be a chance of a problem.

We breeders have no crystal balls that allow us to see which puppies will be affected so in spite of all our careful screening health issues will occasionally occur .  It is strongly recommended that you have pet health insurance  for at least the first two years.  All pups are to be neutered spayed only after the age of 18 months or our guarantee will be NULL AND VOID. We do this to ensure the puppies develop in the same manner as their parents. There are a lot of studies and documentation showing this is preventing cancers, bone dysplasia problems and less suffering due to these ailments. We list several studies in our manual to show the relevance of our conditions and honestly,  the parents have their clearances, are past 2 years old and still intact.

Do some research to find a good veterinarian and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.  Since we live with the puppies 24/7, we will assist with the choice of the puppy for you based on your expectations of what you want from your dog and have final say. Our experience gained from over 25 1/2 years of Labrador breeding should benefit both your family and your puppy.

We use Purina brand foods – We have had great success with Purina and their foods which are wide ranging products. Whatever the situation you can almost bet that they have a food to cover it.We do not feed “PUPPY food” past 4 months of age. We use Purina Pro Plan/Purina One for the first 2 years.

And these grain free diets have been proven to cause irreparable damage to the heart of dogs fed with it. I have attached a copy of a bulletin sent to members of the Canadian Kennel Club below that you can double click and save to your laptop. Foods such as Arcana are based on grain free principles.

The new York times grain free diet causeing heart problems


Obedience Classes – these classes are essential  to the development of  your dog!  You have the trainer right there to help you with any advise you need (we are here to help but sometimes you need on the spot consultation). Teaching the dog is your job, teaching you is the obedience class trainer’s job.

We require a $400 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy the total price is $1900 Pups are will be CKC non-breeding reg’d, dewormed at least twice, tattooed, vet checked and vaccinated, come with a Purina Puppy pack, 5 generation pedigree, and our manual to assist you with raising your baby.



This is a photo of our girl Maeghan when she was a baby. 


These photos are of Bruno who lives in Manitoba. And LOVES IT!! Deb and Brian are his biggest fans! He is Maeghan’s brother from our Brutus & Elvira litter.