More Photos

Pictures of our dogs and puppies sent in by our wonderful puppy people…


Awww, he looks so sad. Don’t be fooled, he was just yanking on his brother’s ear a minute before this picture. He’s an Olivia/Clint puppy.


Crixus keeping a watchful eye on his young master Xander. Our son has this young chocolate boy with him in Calgary.



Hollie with her stuffie…such a sweet girl.


These are photos of Finn – son of Elvira and Sebastian. He’s a beautiful boy with lots of personality. He loves his family very much

Sebastian working to retrieve firewood. Now if we could only teach him to chop it and split it too…

Opal carrying a stick. Hmm, we may have a business here for brother and sister.

Elvira-she is a retrieving fool. Loves to swim so we love to combine it and make her really happy.

Opal and Toffee – she loves her pet kitty.

Sebastian watching the ball very very very close.

Crixus with his Momma Felicity

This is Crixus now…


This is an Elvira puppy.Felicity with her very last litter. She’s retired now and

Bev and Jerri love her very much. .

This is Crixus who is with our son Adam, Myra and their son Alexander (Xander). Crixus is from Felicity’s last litter and his father is BiSS GCH AM/CAN CH HIGHCALIBER LABRADALE EXPRESSO.

Elvira pulling everthing I toss out of our pond in front.

Opal just before she had her girls

2016 04 17 Colleen And Brian mauling the yellowsColleen and Bryan have a puppy snuggle


I had to put this picture up even though it’s not our dogs. But it could be…

You can tell she loves her master

Elvira taking her position protecting the newest of our clan – Henry