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All of us at SAMADAM LABRADORS would like to wish all our puppy owners (no matter how old the Lab is it’s always a puppy) and eeryone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

This photo is from around 2004. We caused quite a stir in the Kingston Frontenac Mall everyone thought we couldn’t control 4 dogs…of which 2 were under 1 year old.

Our Alberta Grandson

Our Alberta Grandson – not very happy…neither is Santa by the looks of his face.


We have about 2 weeks left before the girls start having their babies. Olivia is getting quite the pot on her – she’s due around the 15th of December 2018.We bred Olivia .to Clint…registered as Canadian Champion Devonshire’s Pale Rider… Pups will be ready to leave at 8 weeks old – around the middle of February 2019. Pups are $1700 with a reserve fee of $400 to hold your pup





  Opal is due around the same time – she’ll have an all black litter of Labrador babies – expected around December 14th to the 16th 2018.  Should be ready to go around the end of February 2019 when -so about mid February 2019. Reserve fee of $400 required to hold your pup. Total will be $1700


We have a yellow male who is just over a year old (Sep 8, 2017 birthday) that we can’t use for a stud. He did not drop his second testicle (monorchid) which is a no-no when you are using him for breeding. He is not from our lines but he’s a total twit who loves people and thinks everyone wants to “shake paw”. He knows basic obedience + shake paw.and loves to be brushed. he is $2800 tax included, will transfer CKC  ownership when he’s neutered. Neutering is not to be done until he is 18 months old.

(: http://www.samadamlabs.com/our-dogs/alistor/  ) click on link to see further information about Alistor.




Masonridge Kennels in Mallorytown have a litter of yellows and a litter of chocolates that are happy and healthy just born within the last few weeks…. they are beautiful pups and have the same lines as our dogs. They have DNA testing for hidden diseases. Call Carol or Randy 613-923-2548