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Due early May 2018 – all black litter with amazing build – broad chests and wide heads, kind eyes and wonderful happy, intelligent attitudes.. Dad passes on his gentle attitude and Mom will give us that strong sturdy build. We’ll be keeping from this litter but we are taking reservations on girls and boys.

Contact us at joann@samadamlabs.com

or you can call 613-378-1730


A $400 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. This deposit is non-refundable unless we cannot provide a puppy of the preferred colour and sex. In that case we will refund the deposit, or it will be passed to the next litter.



We will be having a yellow litter around the end of this year 2018 – will be nice babies. We will take limited reserves on boys and girls for this litter.



Just had to put this picture up. It’s amazing how much alike they look and their pedigrees are quite varied.

Thanks LeeAnne! He is a beauty.

Olivia, Sebastian and Opal – family time.

Brutus, our chocolate boy. Producer of quality pups/dogs with great temperament and healthy constitutions.


Such a pretty girl is Opal ,  Both her and Brutus are built much the same and have great temperaments you’ll love. Their pups will be gorgeous and will be born in late spring 2018