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Our chocolate girl, Maeghan, will be having a litter of all chocolates around January/February 2021.  We keep them for 8 weeks so they will be ready to leave around April 2021.
She will be bred to Cooler . See Cooler at his kennel page ittp://www.gafflabradors.com/our-boys  

Gaff’s Cool Change (Cooler). 

Samadam’s Maeghan
We are planning a yellow litter with Panda (Samadam’s Pandamonium) She’ll be bred around the end of this year 2020 pups will be born around April 2021.
All of these dates are just based on her previous heats so subject to change.
Our black girl Mortitia carries both chocolate and yellow. I am hoping to find a stud who carries both. 

 Blacks/Yellows/Chocolates tri colour litter around Fall 2021


Mortitia                                             Mortitia watching leaves

    Chocolate, yellow & black all 3 colours   Brutus, Elvira & Mortitia

CKC Calls for Regulatory Change Re: Dog Importation
Following Dog Deaths on Ukrainian Flight
The Canadian Kennel Club issued a media release on June 22, calling for regulatory change on the mass dog importation into Canada—following news of the tragic loss of dogs on a Ukrainian flight that recently arrived in Toronto.


The large-scale importation of dogs and associated diseases into Canada are of grave concern to CKC and we have worked closely with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) to promote awareness of diseases such as canine flu, brucellosis and most recently, information on animals and Covid-19. CKC is also working with CVMA, CFIA, and the Public Health Agency of Canada on the issue of mass importation of dogs and the risks to public and animal health.  

So if you plan to pick up a puppy from a Kijiji ad, or one from wherever, you might think again with what and where this puppy may be coming from.  

I am totally angered by the treatment these poor babies had to endure. Some idiot in the shipping of these puppies actually plastic wrapped some of the crates together…of course asphyxiating these poor babies.

All for the value of a dollar. 


When an 85 pound mammal licks your tears away, and then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.” – Kristan Higgins



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Member of the Labrador Owners Club 

The following is a very well done Canadian Standard for the Labrador Retriever. click and it should take you to the site.  
This is the website for the British Labrador Club. As announced by it’s home page it’s the Oldest Labrador Retriever Breed club in the United Kingdom and shows the Her Majesty The Queen as being the Patron:  http://www.thelabradorretrieverclub.com/
and just to be truly Canadian, the following is the
American standard from their Lab club 

Breed Standard